If you have been consider visiting Walt Disney World, or even if you have not been considering it, one of the things which you may be interested in learning more about is the Walt Disney company and how it has come to be. Here, through this informative article, we will take a much closer look at the history of the Walt Disney company. Read on to learn more about it.

You probably know that the Walt Disney company is one of the largest entertainment companies throughout the entire world. However, what you may not know is some of the specifics, such as who it was founded by and when. Well, it was founded by Roy Disney and Walt Disney during the year of 1923. However, it was given the name of the Walt Disney company because it was Walt Disney's inspiration.

The Walt Disney company originally intended to just be a motion picture production company. However, once the films which were produced by the Walt Disney company became so popular, Walt Disney's next inspiration was to own a theme park. He then found land in California, where he began to put his thoughts of a theme park together. This is what we today recognize as Walt Disney Land.

Unfortunately, when the Walt Disney Company realized that there was not enough land in California for him to put all of his ideas together, he began looking in other states for more land. He wanted to build a much larger theme park. This is where he found the property that the Walt Disney Company owns in Orlando, Florida. He began by building "Magic Kingdom", which was exactly like Walt Disney Land, only bigger and better. Between the time that he was alive and now that he has passed away, the Walt Disney Company has continued to work on the theme parks in Orlando, which is now known as Walt Disney World.

The Walt Disney Company now owns a variety of different Walt Disney World theme parks, as well as several water parks. The four theme parks which can be found at Walt Disney World in Orlando include Epcot Center, the Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios, and the Animal Kingdom. The Walt Disney Company also owns two water parks, which are Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Aside from all of this, there are a variety of different Walt Disney World resorts which can be found throughout Orlando. Some of the most popular resorts include the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Polynesian, The All-Star resorts, and the Wilderness Lodge.

As you can see, the Walt Disney Company has so much to offer you. Some of the main focuses of their theme parks include the Disney classics at the Magic Kingdom, animals at the Animal Kingdom, the future and other cultures at Epcot Center and film production at MGM Studios. No matter what it is that you are interested in doing or seeing while you are visiting the theme parks owned by the Walt Disney Company, you will be able to find it here.

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